Token Hash

Abstract on-chain generative NFT
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Token Hash presents the two values from which all value and variation derive in the on-chain generative NFT as an on-chain generative NFT. Reducing the format to its most minimal expression, Token Hash provides an opportunity to look beyond the visual and observe the social and cultural dynamics the generative series creates.

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Sample Outputs

242, 808 242, 808 242, 808 242, 808 242, 808 242, 808


Minted Tokens


Token Hash is minted sequentially from 0 to 999, for a total of 1000 tokens. Each image is rendered on-chain and contains two values; the token ID and a deterministically generated random value. The symmetry and similarity of the number pairs is evaluated and added as traits in the metadata. Higher values are more rare. Symmetry assesses the repetition of individual digits inside each number and the repetition of digits between the two numbers. Similarity evaluates the direct relationship between the two numbers, returning higher values the more digits they share.

The deterministic random value is obtained by appending the token ID to the word ‘RANDOM’ and running it through the keccak256 hash function. The output is divided by 999 and the remainder is presented beside the token ID. This rounding allows the relationship between token ID and hash to be explored, and echoes the approaches of other on-chain generative projects.

Contract: 0xFE21FBb7cbed10F2562CeBa9B9ea0003B88d427E


Jonathan Chomko is an artist working with and against technology. His works examine the seam between the physical and digital worlds, exploring how digital forces act upon the physical world, and how physical phenomena are modulated as they enter the digital realm.

Public works have been presented in Bristol, London, Tokyo, Austin and Paris, working in collaboration with city councils and festivals. Installation works have been shown at the Sydney Opera House, the Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome, the London Design Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Works have been commissioned by institutions such as the UK Space Agency and Historic Royal Palaces, and have been supported by the Conseil des Arts de Montreal and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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